Redmart and UIC

We love people, parties, cooking, and baking. So our kitchen is used a lot. Having tried and tested many brands of dishwashing liquid that claims to remove grease easily but often fall short of that promise, we have found and fallen in love with UIC Natural Anti Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid in Pink Peach which lives up to our standard. We have been using this specific brand and fragrance for the past 4 years, so imagine our dismay when every single supermarket we have been to recently no longer stocks it in Peach!

I usually use Redmart for our grocery purchases so we don’t have to lug heavy stuff home (e.g. rice, detergent, cartons of beverages), and was really pleased to find the UIC dishwashing liquid in pink peach. That, and it came in a twin pack too!


So I quickly carted it before it went out of stock. Kiasu mother on the loose! When my order arrived two days later… This was delivered instead:

imageWe are not fussy people. In fact, we are quite the opposite. We didn’t give our DBSS developer hell over the numerous defects and poor workmanship while the rest of our neighbours cried foul. When our dinner order came wrong in the restaurant we simply reassure the guilt-ridden waiter and tuck in anyways.

Still, I was disappointed at no Pink Peach. I wondered… did they mix up my order? Did stocks run out at the Redmart warehouse too? Or did UIC simply stop producing it in Pink Peach? I want my Pink Peach! So I dropped Redmart a polite feedback via their iOS app that item received does not look like product image (pink peach vs orange grapefruit), and asked if it was out of stock. I wasn’t seriously expecting a reply. In fact, I forgot all about it until I got an email from Redmart offering an apology and a credit of $6.50 (cost of the twin pack) in my account to use for my next order.

Thoroughly bowled over by their proactiveness and sincerity! To be frank, I was recently considering to try out the Fairprice online shopping site but now I guess not.

I am officially a #Redmartfan!

Redmart is not limited to home grocery shopping. Last year I had a corporate event and needed to  prepare 25 cartons of bottle mineral water for event guests. Cold Storage popped into my mind as it was just in the next building but it is A LOT of manual labor and I would need a trolley (which my office does not provide). So I used Redmart! Click, click. Delivered right to my office. Easy peasy 🙂


Get Your Groceries in 3 Easy Steps




I hope you have a good experience with Redmart like we did!

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