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The cure for anything

At the beach

The cure for anything is water – sweat, tears, or the sea.

I first read this quote many years back at a period in time where it felt like I have lost everything important to me, and its meaning resonated with me deeply. Until today, this advice stands true.

When I feel lost and blue, sitting on the beach helps me put things in perspective. I could sit for hours. It’s not a happy place. It is where I can go to be sad by myself for a while, and then the waves and breeze will lift me like a kite. Then I soar. And I simply accept wherever the winds may take me.

Family Love


My Mother

This is my mother. She is holding my 2.5 months old daughter, Amelie. I captured this photo when my mom was with my baby girl at our balcony, cajoling her to look at the passing vehicles on the road. It warms the cockles of my heart to revisit this beautiful moment. Amelie, you must know that you are so very blessed to have Grandmama present from your birth and she watches you grow everyday. Your first smile, every coo and fart.

This is my mother. And I love her so.



In Awe and Wonder

Amelie's Pout

This is Amelie. She likes to purse her lips to form an intriguing ‘O’. This happens several times a day and it is as though she makes that face in awe and wonder of the world she sees. Everytime she does it, Mommy smiles like a silly goose.

Feedings are increasing from 60ml to 80ml, two to three hourly. Her appetite is bottomless these days. I think a growth spurt might be on the way!

Family Kids Life

Of flowers, sparkles and unicorns

Week 35 of my pregnancy.

The doctor proudly announced during the ultrasound that Amelie is now a hefty 2.4kg. That’s half a kilogram heavier than her big brother when he was born!

If you don’t already know (raise skeptic eyebrow here), a full-term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.
That means, I only have FIVE more weeks to go! Yikes!

I love my kid as a mom would – but the thought of babies and toddlers and rebellious twelve year olds no longer cause my ovaries to convulse and ovulate. As a nurse I do appreciate the advantages of becoming a mother in my 20s where my eggs are still at their fertile, biological peak. But kids… they are such energy suckers. They demand your constant attention, have endless questions, and at times they can be so stubborn!

It feels more like mission evolution – procreate, nurture, and may the fittest (and smartest) prosper (then procreate some more).

I still coo and fawn over cute drooly babies, if only for 3 seconds or so.

People tell me that becoming a second-time parent things get easier. You won’t fret so much because you have “been there, done that”.  Little things like projectile regurgitation won’t faze you as much. Your diaper bag gets way lighter – why did we need to bring out so much stuff last time anyway? Pacifier rolled on the floor? Oh never mind! *wipes on shirt and gives it to baby*

My husband mused the other day, “Honey, I’m excited about baby #2 and all, but why do I feel like this time round we’ll probably take less baby pictures?” That’s because we are second-time parents, that’s why!

But… I am certain that our love for you will be no less. You will still grow up with flowers, sparkles and unicorns ♥︎

See you in five weeks, darling!


Life Love

Linger till dawn dear…

ella-fitzgeraldImage courtesy of Forté Foundation

“Hurried and worried until we’re buried, and there’s no curtain call – Life’s a very funny proposition after all.” – George M Cohen

As I sit here enjoying an all-time classic Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Ella Fitzgerald, my husband is being annoying and going “buzz buzz buzz” in my ear just because. Funny how silly little things like that makes me smile like an idiot 🙂

Family Love

Birthday Morning

Birthday morning at tiong bahruI woke up an excited kid like it was Christmas morning and with some incredulous self-restraint I managed to not snoop around the house looking for my birthday present from hubs. It was bright and cheery outside the window and although it took a bit of squabbling to decide where to go for breakfast, we decided on visiting Tiong Bahru for its quaint cafes and laid back feel. Most cafes and eateries are closed on Mondays, but lucky for us Flock Café at Moh Guan Terrace was open. I love their crossaints, although it is quite overpriced! We spent $36 for 2 sets of sandwiches and coffee. I don’t have much to say about the coffee served – hubs had a cappucino and I had an iced flat white and we were not impressed by the bland concoction. There was a lot of people traffic for a Monday morn’, but they were mostly expats. After breakfast we went for a short stroll.

What a nice surprise it was when we stumbled upon Books Actually just around the corner up along No.9 Yong Siak Street. Hubs bought me two books, and I plan on passing on the Yes! book to a friend whom it might come in handy for. The Art of Persuasion… very essential for sales!

In the later part of day we did a little shopping in Bugis+. My new favorite gloss, Dandelion by Benefit. A faint whiff of peach, no taste and incredibly smooth.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.29.06 pm

Hubs encouraged me to try the Clarisonic Mia because his lady boss swears by it. It is essentially a facial cleansing brush that oscillates and does its job much better than lathering with your bare hands. According to thousands of reviews online, it’s a miracle worker that helps to clear up 30-40% of acne in less than 2 weeks. Perfect for the skin conscious in you! I am blessed with the average combination skin with little to no acne at all, so what I really need is something that helps to remove makeup thoroughly. After a week of the Clarisonic Mia, I must admit that the skin does feel cleaner and smoother. Only downside for me is that even with the sensitive brush, if I’m not careful my skin will dry out if I go at it a little too long with the Mia. See the recommended cleansing suggestion below.

Clarisonic Mia

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Happy birthday to me

Hubs loving note

It feels like a foreign idea to be celebrating birthdays again after a long hiatus. I turn 25 this year and although it has never been a habit to blow out candles on a cake or open fancy presents on the anniversary of my birth, I suggested to Hubs that this year I feel like I deserve to, well, enjoy my birthday and call it a celebration.

Tonight I look back on my life’s journey – the people I’ve met, the people who left, and the ones I have left behind. Feeling nostalgic becomes commonplace when we grow old, and though it feels nice to reminisce I firmly believe that it is absolutely important that we keep moving forward and create new adventures and open up all possibilities that life has to offer.

Today, I am a mother of a 2 year old. 2013 marks our 3rd year as man and wife, although it felt like it has only been our first. I strive to grow closer to my mom and brother, whom I have neglected when I was busy building walls to cope emotionally. I have not put in my 100% academically when I was younger, but I now invest 100% of effort in my career and skills. I was rusty with social skills, and now I am getting warm again. I am beginning to develop an interest in cycling. I cut my long hair short frequently, and I don’t have internal conflicts over it. We bought a house, and I am drafting a design plan which includes an indoor garden and french doors. I plan to visit Europe in 2015, and learn to speak 2 new languages by 2016. I hope my plans are not too big for me to wear.

For once, I can say I am where I want to be. And I’d like to celebrate this moment, this feeling of joy and peace inside.

Happy Birthday to me.