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At 1.5 months


Baby Amelie. Everytime I scoop her into my arms she melts my heart into a puddle with her milky baby smells and cute chubby cheeks. She is one contented baby, rarely fusses but is quite a stickler for routines. Throughout the day she gets her milk in between regular 3 or 4 hour long naps, then she stays awake for a stretch in the evening from 6 to 9pm. After her night bath the cycle of milk/sleep starts again.

Last night she stayed asleep longer for about 5 hours before she woke again. I am hoping she will continue to be an easy baby and soon sleep through the night just like how her big brother did. It will be a big win for Mommy because I am due to start work full-time in November!

Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) for the past 10 months has been really great. It granted me time to coordinate renovations, moving in to our new home, spend much needed quality time with family, to catch up on my masters program and of course, to take it easy whilst being pregnant! Now it’s time for a reality check… because there is more to life that I want to achieve. I hope that with this new position at a non-profit organisation working with the elderly, I will be able to truly make a difference in bettering the lives of others. This is a totally different level of job satisfaction that I can’t wait to realise!


Amelie: Day 31


// Day 31

Baby Amelie turned 1 month old yesterday!

It has been a month of upturned sleep routines, diaper changing, milk-stained clothes and pure, unadulterated joy since this little fellow came into our lives.

And I... I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world ♥︎

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Guilty of Baby Obsession

I was backing up my iPhone to the desktop yesterday and sheepishly found TONS of baby photos. A few snaps every day can really eat into the phone’s storage! And not to mention, out of 1192 images only a bare handful were of my husband and Aidan. New mother obsessed with photographing every newborn wail/smile/poop – guilty as charged!

So… in a bid not to neglect my better halves (or shall I say quads?), here’s a picture of my two boys about to tuck into dinner at McDonalds. They look so happy!


imageAidan seemed to have hitched on to the “love-ketchup” wagon. He just can’t get enough of it. He is also getting better at colouring within the lines. His paintings are filled with so much more colour these days. I must remind myself to capture more of his journey into adulthood… I mean, I can only do this for how many more babies?! At most two more???



Amelie: Day 21

Sleeping Amelie

// Day 21 of life.

I can’t believe that three weeks have already passed. Amelie is really chubbing up! She groans, grunts and squeals, leaving us bemused at this little human orchestra. Oh, and she can lift her head up on her own for three to four seconds! What a trooper 🙂

Things have been going so smoothly sometimes I forget that *gasp*, I am now officially a mom of TWO!


In Awe and Wonder

Amelie's Pout

This is Amelie. She likes to purse her lips to form an intriguing ‘O’. This happens several times a day and it is as though she makes that face in awe and wonder of the world she sees. Everytime she does it, Mommy smiles like a silly goose.

Feedings are increasing from 60ml to 80ml, two to three hourly. Her appetite is bottomless these days. I think a growth spurt might be on the way!


Week 3 – Settling In

It’s been a lovely 3 weeks since we brought Amelie into our lives. Aidan has coped surprisingly well with his baby sister’s arrival and never ceases to shower pats and kisses on her. I do get over-protective and constantly nag at Aidan to be *gentle* with Amelie, but I am trying hard to be extra conscious and sensitive to his feelings.

For a four year old, Aidan is quite understanding and doesn’t gripe about mommy lavishing more attention on the new baby, and for that I am thankful. While it is unavoidable that will be moments where he pulls a long face or simply become low-spirited when he feels a little left out of the action – I mean, I would too, if I kept hearing this:

[icon]brook-icon-cancel-circle[/icon] No you can’t feed the baby because she is still too young, she might cough and choke!
[icon]brook-icon-cancel-circle[/icon] You can’t shower the baby, it’s dangerous, the baby might drown!

We are now more mindful of the way we phrase our NOs into rejection infused with positivities…

[icon]brook-icon-checkmark-circle[/icon] Maybe when she is a bit older you can help prepare her milk and feed her?
[icon]brook-icon-checkmark-circle[/icon] How about you observe how Mommy gives baby a bath and you can help to dry her?
[icon]brook-icon-checkmark-circle[/icon] Will you be a darling and help fetch a diaper and a fresh romper for baby Amelie?

And now he is such a good little helper! Aidan rushes to comfort the baby when she cries, and I will give him a cuddle and promptly declare how proud I am of him that he cares for Amelie. Upon hearing this, he never fails to flash his toothy beaming smile at me. For once without a doubt, I feel like I’m navigating this second-time parent business just fine! 🙂

Kor Kor AidanThankfully friends and family who came to visit were very thoughtful to have brought presents for both the new baby and her big brother, so Aidan is kept happy. We struggle to maintain an environment of normalcy for the kor kor (哥哥) who suddenly realises that he now not only has to share Mom and Dad with the new baby, but *gasp*, visitors too! So this little gesture really goes a long way and helps reduce the stress of adapting to the changes that a new family addition brings for both parents and kid.

We are not sure if this time round we will arrange a full-moon (满月) celebration for Amelie when she turns one month old – from our experience with Aidan these events tend to be quite tiring with throngs of people to entertain and lots of cleaning up to do when everyone leaves. BUT, I can just imagine when Amelie is older she might lament, “Why you all so double standard, do for kor kor never do for ME?!!”

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Letting go starts here

Caesarean Scar - Amelie 2015

This is the result of delivering my baby via caesarean section. A scar to remember the moment she exited my body. The beginning of letting go.

She lives outside my body now. Perfectly capable of breathing and drinking and crying. She is her own little person and too soon she will be taking her own steps. One day she will fall in love, marry and have kids of her own.

I can’t help but want to hold on to this moment for a while longer. To snuggle close to her soft baby hair. Take in the faint smell of breast milk on her chin. Place her sleeping form on my belly and wonder how did she ever fit inside.

Hey baby, do you know some body loves you? I do.

So very much.