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It has been a rather restless week for the whole family. Hubs is planning a career switch and is keen to take up a degree in accounting and finance. We’ve been to course previews at the local campuses and interviewed his friends who are in the same industry. Thank you for those who put up with our curiosity – we really appreciate all the relevant tips and heads up!

Needless to say everyone says it’s tough work, all sacrifices and no joy. I think Hubs is a little mad having made such a sudden decision, but I also admire him for having such courage to embark on an entirely foreign path in his early 30s. I fully agree that life is a journey of continuous learning and these skill sets(nursing, accounting, finance) will always be in demand.

Entering the famed “Big 4″ – PWC, KPMG etc is no easy feat. Correct me if I’m don’t get it quite right but life in the Big 4 sounds really scary – unpaid overtime from monday to sunday(?!), endless heap of projects to complete, below average pay until you manage to climb up to the internal audit department. For someone with family commitments it is a poor choice of job – unless you’re aiming to make a career out of it. Friends have commented about how on the outside world, everyone is trying to get in but those who are already inside are all trying to get out. Oh the irony, the conundrum! Albeit the tough system it seems to fuel Hubs’ desire to challenge himself and I love that he is so motivated.

Placing my pursue of Masters in Health Admin on hold doesn’t feel as bad now compared to how I think I’d react 2 years back. Being a wife and mother has made me different. I gladly put my husband and son’s needs ahead of mine and it unnerves me sometimes to realize that there could so much unconditional love and grace inside just waiting to be discovered. At every wall you meet you think for sure this is the limit but it isn’t, it’s like the end of a rainbow, there isn’t one.

I reaffirm my husband’s doubts and worries – like in the movie “We bought a Zoo” …

Sometimes, all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. And I promise you, something great will come out of it.

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