Riding the Korean Wave


I had my hair done recently! After the birth of my second one, those sleep-deprived nights really depleted my mojo. I was so busy caring for our kids I barely took notice of myself, simply bunning my hair up to keep it out of poopy diapers. My make-up pouch has ceremoniously collected a thin layer of dust, and my face hasn’t seen a drop of moisturiser in the past 2 months. Because we like to leave our main door open to welcome in the breeze, our neighbours have been treated to the daily sight of a disheveled mom. Not pretty.

Now that it’s getting closer to Christmas (think parties!), I decided to “rejuvenate” myself a little while my husband takes over baby duties. I went to my usual salon at JEM where my favourite stylist Elva never fails to make me feel brand new again! Their Korean Wave package albeit a little pricey at $330, pampers you with hair treatment, c-curl perm, and a free bottle of Kératase shampoo. The entire process took about 2.5 to 3 hours.


Love the results! It makes the hair look and feel so voluminous, and it’s pretty easy to maintain if you have a hair dryer at home. Just flip the hair dryer on and aim it at your hair ends, while using a finger to twist your locks in a curl-out motion. Takes me 10 minutes, tops.

I really enjoy returning to Elva for my hair done every 6 months to a year. While I let her hands work their magic, we exchange life stories. The amazing part is that she could recall nearly everything we talked about during my last salon visit a year ago! Great skills, great personality – what’s not to love?

Are you looking to switch up your hair game too?

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50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549

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