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Of flowers, sparkles and unicorns

Week 35 of my pregnancy.

The doctor proudly announced during the ultrasound that Amelie is now a hefty 2.4kg. That’s half a kilogram heavier than her big brother when he was born!

If you don’t already know (raise skeptic eyebrow here), a full-term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.
That means, I only have FIVE more weeks to go! Yikes!

I love my kid as a mom would – but the thought of babies and toddlers and rebellious twelve year olds no longer cause my ovaries to convulse and ovulate. As a nurse I do appreciate the advantages of becoming a mother in my 20s where my eggs are still at their fertile, biological peak. But kids… they are such energy suckers. They demand your constant attention, have endless questions, and at times they can be so stubborn!

It feels more like mission evolution – procreate, nurture, and may the fittest (and smartest) prosper (then procreate some more).

I still coo and fawn over cute drooly babies, if only for 3 seconds or so.

People tell me that becoming a second-time parent things get easier. You won’t fret so much because you have “been there, done that”.  Little things like projectile regurgitation won’t faze you as much. Your diaper bag gets way lighter – why did we need to bring out so much stuff last time anyway? Pacifier rolled on the floor? Oh never mind! *wipes on shirt and gives it to baby*

My husband mused the other day, “Honey, I’m excited about baby #2 and all, but why do I feel like this time round we’ll probably take less baby pictures?” That’s because we are second-time parents, that’s why!

But… I am certain that our love for you will be no less. You will still grow up with flowers, sparkles and unicorns ♥︎

See you in five weeks, darling!


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