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Happy birthday to me

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It feels like a foreign idea to be celebrating birthdays again after a long hiatus. I turn 25 this year and although it has never been a habit to blow out candles on a cake or open fancy presents on the anniversary of my birth, I suggested to Hubs that this year I feel like I deserve to, well, enjoy my birthday and call it a celebration.

Tonight I look back on my life’s journey – the people I’ve met, the people who left, and the ones I have left behind. Feeling nostalgic becomes commonplace when we grow old, and though it feels nice to reminisce I firmly believe that it is absolutely important that we keep moving forward and create new adventures and open up all possibilities that life has to offer.

Today, I am a mother of a 2 year old. 2013 marks our 3rd year as man and wife, although it felt like it has only been our first. I strive to grow closer to my mom and brother, whom I have neglected when I was busy building walls to cope emotionally. I have not put in my 100% academically when I was younger, but I now invest 100% of effort in my career and skills. I was rusty with social skills, and now I am getting warm again. I am beginning to develop an interest in cycling. I cut my long hair short frequently, and I don’t have internal conflicts over it. We bought a house, and I am drafting a design plan which includes an indoor garden and french doors. I plan to visit Europe in 2015, and learn to speak 2 new languages by 2016. I hope my plans are not too big for me to wear.

For once, I can say I am where I want to be. And I’d like to celebrate this moment, this feeling of joy and peace inside.

Happy Birthday to me.

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