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So I was talking with the husband the other day about how life has caught up so quickly when it (suddenly) dawned on my that Aidan will be going to primary school in 2 year’s time. Think half day classes, March September November December school holidays… How do working parents juggle it?!

Husband: “Behind every set of successful working parents is a maid.”

While I had a good laugh at his matter-of-factness, it hit home uncomfortably. Unfortunately, I can’t say nay to that because most parents I know do employ domestic helpers. As the brood grow larger, or as the grandparents get more frail, the need for the extra help arises. I know my husband, he wants to be a hands-on parent as much as he can… but with his ideal number (of kids, that is) being #3, I am beginning to wonder if we can survive parenthood on our own!

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