Endless alphabets for kids


There are a lot of controversies and debates about introducing technology to the little ones. In today’s world I think it is immensely important to evolve and help our children get up to speed with science and technology, and all the while retaining that precious childhood innocence and quality family bonding time through *real* work and play – which, in today’s fast paced world, is no easy feat.

I rarely use my iPad these days – the regulars include my husband who hogs it to play clash of the titans and to monitor the stock market, and my 2.5 year old who absolutely LOVE the Endless Alphabet app. My husband usually disapproves of Aidan playing with the iPhone (thanks to his doting gramps, Aidan is a savvy youtuber for sing-along songs and Peppa Pig videos), but he’s all praise for this educational app.

It’s simple to understand, engaging enough for easily distracted toddlers, works like an educational animated dictionary, and has a reallycatchy tune that I unwittingly find myself humming to at odd times of day. Best of all, the alphabets are truly ‘endless’ – new words get updated every week or so! Aidan knows how to apply big words such as demolish, odor, multiply, gargantuan, courage, and more in his everyday life. Totally worth my SGD$5.98. Great job Callaway Digital Arts! 🙂



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