Amelie Family

What do we all need?

He sat across from me on the bed. A shroud of confusion and disappointment weighed heavy on his defeated shoulders. I hid my tear-soaked face in the blanket, trying hard not to make a noise.

A tired voice rang in the uncomfortable silence. Go to sleep Amelie.

I looked up and peered in the darkness to see Amelie sitting up on her mattress that was laid on the floor. She was awkwardly still for what seemed like a long moment, as if she was deep in thought, a display of her sensitivity and emotional awareness that one would nary expect from a four year old. Amelie suddenly got up from her mattress and with a hint of hesitation she took a few steps and came up against the edge of my bed. Amelie leaned in and whispered, Mama I just want to give you a hug is that OK?

And with that, she did not wait for a response but leaned in and cradled my neck fleetingly with her small arms. I felt my heart burst with love just to break into pieces all over again. What did I ever do to deserve this sweet loving child?

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