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She’s a whopper



My blood pressure (BP) has been rising. The pre-eclampsia that I developed when pregnant with Aidan in 2011 is making a gradual come back. I got called into the obgyn clinic today due to the rising BP and underwent a battery of tests: liver function test, uric acid levels, full blood count levels, and CTG monitoring.

I remember when I was seeing Dr TM Chua at NUH  in 2011 and she discovered a rising BP trend during one of my third trimester appointments, I was whisked off immediately for an ultrasound and CTG to check for fetal growth and for any signs of fetal distress. Admitted on the same day for BP monitoring and medications, and underwent emergency c-section on Day 3 of hospitalisation. Aidan was only 1.9kg when he was born (at 35 weeks gestation)!

Thankfully Amelie is growing well. She’s a whopper, this one. Weighing at an estimated 3kg today, she is 500gm heavier in just 12 days!

Week 35+2 ultrasound

My obstetrician suggested that we may need to get her out earlier via c-section very soon, so I was given a steroid injection to help mature baby’s lungs and will have take a repeat jab tonight. We will have to go in for another check up on Saturday to repeat blood tests and decide if we have to be hospitalised sooner than expected.

Ivan muses that because we just assembled the baby cot over the national day weekend, perhaps now Amelie can’t wait to sleep in her new bed! ?

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