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Guilty of Baby Obsession

I was backing up my iPhone to the desktop yesterday and sheepishly found TONS of baby photos. A few snaps every day can really eat into the phone’s storage! And not to mention, out of 1192 images only a bare handful were of my husband and Aidan. New mother obsessed with photographing every newborn wail/smile/poop – guilty as charged!

So… in a bid not to neglect my better halves (or shall I say quads?), here’s a picture of my two boys about to tuck into dinner at McDonalds. They look so happy!


imageAidan seemed to have hitched on to the “love-ketchup” wagon. He just can’t get enough of it. He is also getting better at colouring within the lines. His paintings are filled with so much more colour these days. I must remind myself to capture more of his journey into adulthood… I mean, I can only do this for how many more babies?! At most two more???


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