Goodbye fishies

Hubs was cleaning the fish tank last night when he accidentally poured too much bacteria that were meant for the aquatic plants. Panicked, he scooped the fishes out and placed them in a temporary clean water container for the night. It was too bad that this morning when I inspected, both fishes were already belly up in the water 🙁

Aidan helped me to pour the dead fishes in the toilet and after he flushed them away, he started crying his eyes out, calling for the fishes to come back. It was heartbreaking! This morning’s event gave rise to plenty of tight hugs and a brief life lesson about life and death. In between sobs Aidan declared that he does not want to be alone when papa and mama dies too, and became inconsolable as the idea of grief wrecked his thoughts. When he felt better, we held hands and walked to school in silence as we inwardly mourned for the fishes.

I think it will be awhile before we muster enough courage to get another pet. Goodbye, fishies…

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