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Aidan’s first fishing trip

It was a beautiful Sunday last weekend and we didn’t waste any time at home. Hubs dug out his old fishing rods (why does a man need two, I don’t know) and ushered us out of the house for an impromptu cycling/fishing trip at Jurong Lake.

Now if you read my last post about the new bicycle I acquired you will know that I am a rather poor cyclist, in geek terms – a noobie. I was inwardly panicking about cycling TO the lake from our house, which involves steering through bus-stops and narrow pedestrian path, a zebra crossing, and a 6 lane road with lots of traffic. To top it all off… my 2.5 year old son was hitching a ride on the rear, comfortably unawares that Mommy most likely will fall and give both of us bumps and bruises… which I DID! ****

Cycling and Fishing trip

I was going up a steep slope, and had to turn around a sharp bend when I couldn’t handle the sheer weight of my bicycle (~18kg with the rear child seat, AND Aidan at 14kg) and we – *gasp* –  toppled over. Maternal instincts kicked in and I tried to cushion the blow for Aidan and landed just below my knee and hit the curb end on. It didn’t even hurt on impact. I was SO WORRIED Aidan was going to get a concussion or bleed out massively or whatnot. Thankfully other than being scared out of his wits all he got was an ant sized scratch on his knee. Phew. I was so dazed and mad at myself I couldn’t bring myself to get on the bicycle again. At this point Hubs turned back to survey the damage and informed me that I was hurt. Then the OWWW set in. Haha. I decided to carry on cycling so that we could go fishing at the other end of the lake, and I gently asked Aidan if he is alright for Mommy to cycle us again. He shook his head and looked terrified. Poor kid.

We carried on anyways and even though we didn’t reel in any fish, the rest of the afternoon was splendid and relaxed. We watched Finding Nemo on iTunes recently and Dory’s “keep swimming, just keep swimming” song got stuck in my head so every time I was about to hit a difficult bend/slope/pedestrians I’ll obsessively chant, “keep peddling, just keep peddling!” 

Haha. Thanks Ellen DeGeneres!

Fishing and Cycling

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