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Aidan turns TWO!

Aidan turns 2

This is the week where my only son turns 2. It has been a good 2 year journey learning from each other, and although I get really annoyed at my husband who drives me crazy half the time, I also really appreciate him for the times he got things right. Keeps my feet gratefully grounded!

As of today, Aidan can…

Count from 1 to 20 (except 11 – he has a problem saying eleven and elephant)
Demand for apple juice all day long
Eat by himself without making a big mess
Put on his shoes with no help, and taking them off without using his hands (think feet kick)
Identify familiar surroundings such as home and his cousin(kor kor)’s house
Get ecstatic when he sees fishes in a tank and yell FHISHHHHH! in a really throated manly voice haha
Eat spicy stuff like Laksa, Curry Fish Head, Chilli Butter Prawns and Hot & Spicy Seaweed
Say “I wuv you Mama/Papa”

And when you ask him how old he is now, he goes… “TOO OLD!” (Two years old!)

Oh honey, I totally agree 🙂

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