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Not quite fearless

Finding temporary comfort in the limbo that indecision grants created an entirely new and delicate territory to navigate.

The inaction is a choice, a choice made largely on the basis of fear. Fear erects walls where it is most vulnerable. It brands us with a hot stick and takes us as its slaves.

No one can be truly fearless, without having first gone through some deepest, darkest moments and be lucky and/or determined enough to emerge alive and adapted. Scarred but victoriously resilient. Then continuously apply that new found resilience to every hurdle that threatens to pull you out to sea.

I stand by the edge of the water, fear lapping like waves around my ankles. The wet sand starts to give way and I fumble, now knee deep and painfully conscious.

Do I run back into a burning house… to save the things I loved?

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Our Papi

My Papi

Isn’t she a beauty? Our friend borrowed Papi for the week as a prop in their wedding photoshoot. This was taken at One Marina, picture courtesy of their photographer.

I got Papi last year as a birthday gift from my husband. Unfortunately I’m not very adept at cycling, so I rode on her for a meagre 3 times. Pretty basket, eye-catching cream colored wheels, lovely leather seat (frequently conditioned with leather lotion). We also invested in a really good Yepp child seat in a funky lime green color!

Cycling and Fishing trip

There. Taken during my first or second ride on Papi. Pictorial proof that I am a terrible cyclist… 10 minutes into my ride and hello new injury. Up till today, the scar on my leg serves as a reminder of my love-hate relationship with Papi. Not that it’s Papi’s fault though! It’s not you, it’s me. ?

So now that we have moved to a cosier (smaller) home, we have decided to sell and rehome Papi. If you are interested do drop us an email!



Redmart and UIC

We love people, parties, cooking, and baking. So our kitchen is used a lot. Having tried and tested many brands of dishwashing liquid that claims to remove grease easily but often fall short of that promise, we have found and fallen in love with UIC Natural Anti Bacterial Dishwashing Liquid in Pink Peach which lives up to our standard. We have been using this specific brand and fragrance for the past 4 years, so imagine our dismay when every single supermarket we have been to recently no longer stocks it in Peach!

I usually use Redmart for our grocery purchases so we don’t have to lug heavy stuff home (e.g. rice, detergent, cartons of beverages), and was really pleased to find the UIC dishwashing liquid in pink peach. That, and it came in a twin pack too!


So I quickly carted it before it went out of stock. Kiasu mother on the loose! When my order arrived two days later… This was delivered instead:

imageWe are not fussy people. In fact, we are quite the opposite. We didn’t give our DBSS developer hell over the numerous defects and poor workmanship while the rest of our neighbours cried foul. When our dinner order came wrong in the restaurant we simply reassure the guilt-ridden waiter and tuck in anyways.

Still, I was disappointed at no Pink Peach. I wondered… did they mix up my order? Did stocks run out at the Redmart warehouse too? Or did UIC simply stop producing it in Pink Peach? I want my Pink Peach! So I dropped Redmart a polite feedback via their iOS app that item received does not look like product image (pink peach vs orange grapefruit), and asked if it was out of stock. I wasn’t seriously expecting a reply. In fact, I forgot all about it until I got an email from Redmart offering an apology and a credit of $6.50 (cost of the twin pack) in my account to use for my next order.

Thoroughly bowled over by their proactiveness and sincerity! To be frank, I was recently considering to try out the Fairprice online shopping site but now I guess not.

I am officially a #Redmartfan!

Redmart is not limited to home grocery shopping. Last year I had a corporate event and needed to  prepare 25 cartons of bottle mineral water for event guests. Cold Storage popped into my mind as it was just in the next building but it is A LOT of manual labor and I would need a trolley (which my office does not provide). So I used Redmart! Click, click. Delivered right to my office. Easy peasy 🙂


Get Your Groceries in 3 Easy Steps




I hope you have a good experience with Redmart like we did!


For the love of Gryphon Tea

I love tea. Everyone who knows me know that tea and I are inseparable.

Dilmah and GryphonSo when I finally got tired of drinking the good ol’ Dilmah Rose and French Vanilla (20 tea bags for $6.95 at NTUC and Isetan) for the past two years, I was really happy to have found a new love in Gryphon’s Nymph of the Nile (20 tea bags for $20.95 at Cold Storage).

I mean – I was delighted but my wallet isn’t. Compared to $0.35 per cup of Dilmah’s, Gryphon cost me a whooping $1.05 each! Artisan tea why you so expensive?!

Anyway. With my 33 weeks pregnant, watermelon-sized belly, I was running out of my favourite tea at home and started to look at online shopping and home delivery options. My first stop was Redmart and while they have recently started carrying the more “up-class” range of Gryphon tea, I was disappointed that there are no bundle offers and it is sold at the same retail price. Not one to give up so easily, I googled and found that Gryphon has their own local online store!

Beaming with joy from ear to ear, I could hardly believe my luck when I saw that the Artisan Selections were priced only at S$16.60 per box and I could use discount codes to get 10% off too. There is a flat shipping fee of S$6 per order (expect delivery to your doorstep within 2-3 working days after your order is processed) but even with this added fee I got a pretty good deal out of it!

This mama is one happy camper 🙂

Joyce's Gryphon  Order

Retail price would have cost ~ $62.85


What are you waiting for? Start tea shopping now!

Gryphon - First Purchase

Get 10% off your first purchase with Discount Code: SHOPNOW

Gryphon - TeaHolic

10% off online purchase ends 31 Jul 2015

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


They breed, you’ll bleed

I have been caught up in a whirlwind of unfortunate events the past couple of weeks hence the prolonged absence from writing. Hub’s dad was admitted to hospital last week, two days after returning from a vacation in Thailand. Initially he complained of a rather bad headache, which accelerated quickly and in less than a day  he started feeling quite ill and fatigued, sleeping all day without any appetite for food. Fever spiked at above 39 degree celsius, and his blood pressure rose well beyond normal limits. He was kind of incoherent at that point and we sent him to NUH immediately. Several blood tests and x-rays later, we learned that dad had contracted dengue fever. He may have caught it in Thailand, or when he returned to Singapore.

It has been a week since and dad is still hospitalized – dengue fever really puts up a tough battle with the human body. Listlessness and lethargy, persistent raised temperature, chills and terrible body aches, daily blood tests to monitor the platelets level which if taken a nosedive and may necessitate the need for a platelet transfusion. Platelets help in the coagulation of blood, so when levels are critically low, you are not allowed to brush your teeth and will be asked to rest completely in bed for fear of falling and getting hurt, causing any bleed-out. Good news is that dad’s platelets level albeit plunging consecutively for the first 5 days, is now creeping back up to healthier range. He could possibly be discharged in 1-2 days! Dad assures us that he will not miss the hospital food one bit. Haha.

I’m sure the NEA(National Environment Agency) will be knocking on our door very soon to check the premises for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes! 🙁

My son loves the advertisement by NEA that plays on television ever so frequent. Cue ominous music from telly and Aidan will shout, “Mama! Any mosqeetoes?! Later… suck blood!” He’s even formed a new way of saying goodnight to grandpa after his shower:

Aidan (dripping wet and wrapped in a towel): Ye Ye, any mosqeeto?
Gramps: No, no mosquitoes. All died.
Aidan: *beams* Ok, good! Goodnight Ye Ye!


Mosquitoes can spread several diseases, but dengue fever is most prevalent in Singapore and the NEA is trying to increase public awareness to prevent unknowingly breeding the suckers and to look out for signs of dengue. There are NO vaccines and NO drugs to prevent / treat dengue per se, so the only thing an infected patient can do is to ride it out until symptoms disappear. Fatigue generally last a few months even after recovering from the acute phase. Poor detection of dengue hemorrhagic fever can lead to fatality if the body goes into shock and organ failure.

It is very important that you do not unwittingly contribute to nesting mozzies! Click here for more information about how dengue can be transmitted and learn about the prevention of potential mozzie breeding grounds.