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At 1.5 months


Baby Amelie. Everytime I scoop her into my arms she melts my heart into a puddle with her milky baby smells and cute chubby cheeks. She is one contented baby, rarely fusses but is quite a stickler for routines. Throughout the day she gets her milk in between regular 3 or 4 hour long naps, then she stays awake for a stretch in the evening from 6 to 9pm. After her night bath the cycle of milk/sleep starts again.

Last night she stayed asleep longer for about 5 hours before she woke again. I am hoping she will continue to be an easy baby and soon sleep through the night just like how her big brother did. It will be a big win for Mommy because I am due to start work full-time in November!

Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) for the past 10 months has been really great. It granted me time to coordinate renovations, moving in to our new home, spend much needed quality time with family, to catch up on my masters program and of course, to take it easy whilst being pregnant! Now it’s time for a reality check… because there is more to life that I want to achieve. I hope that with this new position at a non-profit organisation working with the elderly, I will be able to truly make a difference in bettering the lives of others. This is a totally different level of job satisfaction that I can’t wait to realise!


Tumbling Fun

Aidan and Jenga

Aidan and Jenga 2

For his first time, this lil’ fellow is surprisingly good at Jenga! Except that this set of tumbling blocks is not really Jenga, so it was a bit tricky to pull out the unevenly cut blocks from the stacked tower.

Maybe I should import the actual Jenga set from Amazon – it is so much cheaper from the US than getting it in local toy stores!


Learning Mandarin with 百力果

Aidan - Berries

First day at Berries 百力果学习丰收园 and he loved it.

Aidan is a great kid. He’s easy going, inquisitive, and loves to chat about his day, and gets super excited when Wheel of Fortune comes on the television. He also loves doing activity books – Math, Science, English, and er, not so much Chinese. I love everything about this lil’ critter except for the fact that he DOES NOT nap.

// New baby + 4 year old with boundless energy = Exhausted, cranky parents.

We needed to get creative about harnessing his zeal. After hearing so many great reviews about Berries being able to capture kids’ attentions and actually get them to learn Chinese without fuss… I decided to sign Aidan up for the weekly classes. What? 1 hour 45 minutes of mommy-sans-kids time? Shut up and take my money!

Aidan comes home proud of being able to identify new mandarin words and shows off all the school material in his berries bag. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when he says, “妈妈, 我以后要当华语老师 at Berries, so I must attend Berries class every Monday (to learn Mandarin)!” 🙂



Amelie: Day 31


// Day 31

Baby Amelie turned 1 month old yesterday!

It has been a month of upturned sleep routines, diaper changing, milk-stained clothes and pure, unadulterated joy since this little fellow came into our lives.

And I... I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world ♥︎

Family Kids Life

Behind every parent…

So I was talking with the husband the other day about how life has caught up so quickly when it (suddenly) dawned on my that Aidan will be going to primary school in 2 year’s time. Think half day classes, March September November December school holidays… How do working parents juggle it?!

Husband: “Behind every set of successful working parents is a maid.”

While I had a good laugh at his matter-of-factness, it hit home uncomfortably. Unfortunately, I can’t say nay to that because most parents I know do employ domestic helpers. As the brood grow larger, or as the grandparents get more frail, the need for the extra help arises. I know my husband, he wants to be a hands-on parent as much as he can… but with his ideal number (of kids, that is) being #3, I am beginning to wonder if we can survive parenthood on our own!

Family Kids

Guilty of Baby Obsession

I was backing up my iPhone to the desktop yesterday and sheepishly found TONS of baby photos. A few snaps every day can really eat into the phone’s storage! And not to mention, out of 1192 images only a bare handful were of my husband and Aidan. New mother obsessed with photographing every newborn wail/smile/poop – guilty as charged!

So… in a bid not to neglect my better halves (or shall I say quads?), here’s a picture of my two boys about to tuck into dinner at McDonalds. They look so happy!


imageAidan seemed to have hitched on to the “love-ketchup” wagon. He just can’t get enough of it. He is also getting better at colouring within the lines. His paintings are filled with so much more colour these days. I must remind myself to capture more of his journey into adulthood… I mean, I can only do this for how many more babies?! At most two more???



Amelie: Day 21

Sleeping Amelie

// Day 21 of life.

I can’t believe that three weeks have already passed. Amelie is really chubbing up! She groans, grunts and squeals, leaving us bemused at this little human orchestra. Oh, and she can lift her head up on her own for three to four seconds! What a trooper 🙂

Things have been going so smoothly sometimes I forget that *gasp*, I am now officially a mom of TWO!