July 12, 2016

I’ve finally got my Cfast braces removed last week. While I say “finally”, it really has been only 4 to 5 months of wear which is really short compared to conventional dental braces.

😂  (insert sigh of relief here)

At quick glance:

Compare 2

Just look at the blue lines I drew to better illustrate the teeth movement:

Compare 1

Now I have got the fixed retainer bonded to the back of my upper set teeth, and Dr Amit recommended to keep it on for 2 years minimum. I have to complement with wearing removable retainers nightly. A mold was taken after debond and made ready in 2 days (so fast!), but I have not collected it from the dental clinic yet.

After 2 years, we will do a review and possibly take the fixed retainers off, then simply use the removable retainers 3-4 nights a week when I sleep.

I cannot wait to get composite bonding done for the front teeth which chipped over the years due to wear and tear. This is scheduled for 2 weeks post-debond. I’ll post more pictures after that procedure, so stay tuned!

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Note: All opinions are my own. No treatment was sponsored in any way in exchange for this review.

It’s the June holidays! It seems customary that parents spend more time with their primary school age kids during major school holidays (March, June, December). I guess seeing the parents with older kids having fun out makes me wanna plan more activities with our young ones too! How do you have fun but not spend a single cent (e.g. NO admission fees)? Go to the National Museum of Singapore!



To cater to families during the June holidays, the National Museum of Singapore introduced Masak Masak 2016!

Immerse yourselves in a colourful world of interactive installations, activities and workshops that are specially curated for the whole family. The activities are suitable for children aged 3 to 7, so treat your young ones to a fun day out at the museum!

Celebrating Radio: Sounds from the Past

We were at the Museum bright and early, and wandered right into the first (and gloriously free) exhibit on Level 1 – Celebrating Radio! Aidan got treated to a 1:1 guide around the exhibit where Mr Edwin patiently engaged our little fellow in discussion about the history of radio.

image image

We were brought into a simulated radio broadcaster room and I. WAS. THRILLED. More so than Aidan, I’d say 😜 My childhood dream was to become a DJ! Either that or a writer, though both aspirations are of vastly contrasting personalities.



Two other kids joined in the tour halfway and the kids got to wind up a real gramophone, put on the vinyl record and needle and got the oldie going.


There was an introduction to the various tools used to create sound effects and the kids loved making noise music! Cute kids art n craft corner included where you can decorate your own vinyl record and sleeve.

This 30-minute interactive tour is available for pre-schoolers. The tours are limited to 15 children on a first-come-first-served basis. Click here for more information.

Let’s Play!

Snakes & Ladders and Ludo in 3D – what’s not to like? The children seemed to have more fun throwing the dice than really abiding by the game and its rules. Aidan was super diligent in following through from start to end though. Perks of introducing board games to em’ kids young!






image image

After walking around and peering at interesting things all day, our tummies rumbled like the thunder outside the museum. I wanted to try out Food for Thought but the queue was sooo long. It was a weekend, after all. What’d you expect? In the end we walked over to Food Republic at the Manulife Centre along Bras Basah Rd and had chicken rice. Cheap and good + aircon! 💪🏻 Next outing we hope to visit the Singapore Art Museum (located right next door to Manulife Centre).

Masak Masak 2016 runs from 28 May to 31 July. Visit the National Museum of Singapore website for more details on current exhibitions and family programmes!

Humbled by 彬

June 1, 2016

Being a mother of a 5 year old is hard. Aidan attends Berries class every Sunday morning to improve his mandarin. Best money ever spent. Not only has his mandarin has improved leaps and bounds, I have also learnt a new mandarin 成语 (Chinese idiomatic expression):

彬彬有礼 bin1 bin1 you2 li3
(of a person) courteous and refined in manner

Gotta admit it was humbling (and amusing) during Aidan’s workbook revision he asked about 彬 and  I had no clue what the word meant, much less pronounce it. The husband was no help of course – he would be best described as one who is “jiak kantang” (loosely translated as eat potato; westernised). I can no longer brag to the kids that “Mummy got A1 for ‘O’ level Chinese one ok?!”

NOT looking forward to the future where Algebra and Cations become part of his curriculum! 😫

Seoul: Day 0

May 19, 2016

The husband has been travelling more for work and as a result I was bitten by a travel bug. I am totally cool with the kids when he is away and I’m not burnt out or anything, but it has been a while (years!) since my last proper vacation and some me-time sans kids and husband seemed like a really good idea for a recharge for me. What with all the hype around Descendants of the Sun, which is a K-drama if you don’t know (seriously which rock did you live under?), I thought Korea would be perfect to test my newly found mediocre Korean language picked up from too many K-drama episodes.

I love to travel alone and that was the original plan: me + foreign country + foreign language = perfect holiday. I mean, isn’t it great to wake up everyday without having to meet someone else’s expectations and simply live for yourself? You can make decisions without worrying about affecting others. Then again… who goes to Korea and eats alone at BBQ places or eat chicken and beer at home alone at night? I wanted to eat so many types of Korean food, so the best solution was to ask a friend along to share tummy space for yummy food! 😆

Joyce and Dolly

We took Malaysia Airlines from SIN to INC. Everyone thought we were crazy, and I got comments like (quote unquote), “Not afraid to get downed by a missile or go missing over the ocean, ah?!” 😒 Anyway, aside from tickets being cheaper than SIA (Singapore Airlines), the flight timings were better. That said, 10 days after I booked the tickets at SGD$500 per person, MAS released a promo rate at SGD$300 per person. What poor timing! Because of this I was not an entirely happy customer, but I really have no complains about our flight experience. The 1 hour lay-over in Kuala Lumpur was a breeze to get through, in-flight food was tasty, we experienced little turbulence, and most importantly we arrived safe and sound. The only downside was that I could not use my KrisFlyer miles as MAS is part of oneworld and not star alliance.

MH066Goodbye Singapore…

IncheonHello Incheon International Airport!

We booked an Airbnb apartment at Chungmuro and it was really convenient to move around. There was a direct airport limousine bus 6015 which took us from the airport to Chungmuro. 6015 is a loop service and makes several stops at major hotels/stations. Tickets cost‎ 15,000KRW (SGD18) one-way, regardless of distance. You can purchase this right outside the airport along Gate 5 from the ticketing counter, or simply tap your T-money card (the equivalent of our local EZ-Link card) on the bus.

6015 luggage sticker

The driver will help you load your luggage and tag it with a sticker. You will need to present the other half of the sticker to claim your luggage when you alight. The on-board commentary when we neared a bus stop was announced in Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and English. No worries about missing your stop, but I think it is still advisable to let the bus driver know your intended destination as he might skip stops if you miss the announcement and forget to press the stop bell. After a 1.5 hour journey (it usually takes 1 hour but 8am morning traffic was congested), we alighted at T-Mark Hotel and walked 5 minutes to our serviced apartment. Easy peasy.

I picked this apartment because it was more affordable compared to a hotel, yet has facilities such a kitchen, washing machine, bidet toilet, and boasts a view of the N Seoul Tower from its large panelled windows. Myeongdong shopping street was 1 subway stop away, and the subway (Chungmuro Station) was a 2 min walk from our apartment. Could not ask for better as it turns out we travelled by subway to almost everywhere we intended to visit. 👍🏻


I was worried to use the machine for laundry because there was only an indoor drying rack and the clothes might not dry well, but my worries are undue. Probably due to the cool weather (~10 to 18 degrees celsius) the clothes dried indoors without a problem, even with the windows closed while we were out. Being able to wash our clothes came in really handy because when we returned to SG after a week’s trip we did not have to worry about the mountain of clothes to launder! The flip side is you have to keep the apartment clean but if you are comfortable with doing some light housekeeping yourself then this will not be a problem.

image image

The view was great, the weather was great, the food was great, and people were generally kind and friendly. Even when they don’t speak an ounce of english, body language works about 30% of the time! 😝

As I type up this post, I wish I was back here again. Unfortunately it is really late now and as I have got work tomorrow like the rest of you, I will continue this travel log later this week. I will be back, Seoul! Next time I will hit Jeju Island as well, 약속해요!