Solid Amelie

March 27, 2016


Too cute @ 7 months.

Amelie has started on puree and has tasted apple, carrot, pumpkin, dragonfruit, orange and avocado (favorite). She loves meal times! She also weighs 8.6kg now. My mom would often jiggle Amelie’s larger-than-life thighs and say, “Amelie so SOLID, ah!” 🙂

Some days

March 27, 2016

Some days are a little tougher. Six years ago I would never have thought that I would be the mother with a short fuse. Tonight those eyes look into mine with guilt and fear instead of love and adoration, and it makes me feel powerful but at the same time disgusted at the tone I chose to communicate the basics of right and wrong to a five year old child.

When my world is asleep, safely tucked into their beds after a bedtime story their father had lovingly read, I sit here looking for purpose and answers to my questions. Confounded, perhaps more deflated than defeated. Searching for meaning when the meaning really is just a product of my actions. Some times in response to an innocuous text verbatim, “Meaning?”, I feel the urge to launch into a contentious tirade about the meaning of life but it really was not appropriate to pose confusion and impose. Instead, I furiously hack away at the black keys beneath my fingers, still, in search of.

Paul would be proud, but Paul is not here. He would talk happy and talk sense and find balance and then some.

Some days really are a little tougher.

Dental Review

March 22, 2016

The appointments at Nuffield are such a breeze, I am always in and out in less than 15 minutes. Nonethless, the progress in my teeth alignment is getting its money’s worth.

Last week’s visit saw my dental wires getting replaced – Dr Biju simply removed the old wire by applying a little downward pressure, presto they were out. He did a quick teeth cleaning and fitted the new wire in. Every time a wire got fitted into the bracket it went “click”. I counted! It was a total of 11 clicks. So oddly satisfying.

Here is a picture of us after my dental appointment. Everyone had ice-cream except me. Not that I couldn’t have it due to sensitivity or what-not – it didn’t feel much different with the new wires. Just me being overly cautions 😅


Look how happy this fellow is, blatantly flaunting his ice-cream in my face.

I should have done a then-and-now picture to compare the teeth movement, but realised I didn’t take any close up selfies during the first visit. Should ask Nuffield for a copy next visit! Dr Biju was like teeth paparazzi, waving his canon camera at my mouth. I always get a litle antsy about getting my “say ahhh moment” picture taken. So exposed to have people peering inside my mouth, and to top it off I get a photo taken for eternal memory. Oh look, that’s the filling I had put in when I was 12. Cringe.

Heart Breaker

February 10, 2016

We were cruising along the expressway when Photographs (Ed Sheeran) came on the radio. This is one of Aidan’s favourite song and he often sings along when his dad plays this on guitar. And this is what he said after the song on the radio ended,

Aidan: “Mama, when I grow up and I have my own wife, I want to play this song for my wife because I want to tell her that I love her very much and if she is at home with the baby and I am outside I will call her to tell her to wait for me to come home…”