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Goodbye fishies

April 30, 2015

Hubs was cleaning the fish tank last night when he accidentally poured too much bacteria that were meant for the aquatic plants. Panicked, he scooped the fishes out and placed them in a temporary clean water container for the night. It was too bad that this morning when I inspected, both fishes were already belly up in the water :(

Aidan helped me to pour the dead fishes in the toilet and after he flushed them away, he started crying his eyes out, calling for the fishes to come back. It was heartbreaking! This morning’s event gave rise to plenty of tight hugs and a brief life lesson about life and death. In between sobs Aidan declared that he does not want to be alone when papa and mama dies too, and became inconsolable as the idea of grief wrecked his thoughts. When he felt better, we held hands and walked to school in silence as we inwardly mourned for the fishes.

I think it will be awhile before we muster enough courage to get another pet. Goodbye, fishies…


FA Scan at 20 Weeks

April 28, 2015
It is a girl

We went for a Fetal Anomaly (FA) ccan at week 20 of my pregnancy at Paragon Medical (Radlink). This scan costs about $250, almost half price of the Nuchal Translucency (NT) test we did a month ago. The ultrasound technician who did the FA scan for us was warm and friendly, and breezed through the procedure within 45 minutes. She confirmed baby’s gender to be a girl, unabashedly pointing out images of the labia and clitoris on the monitor. Now we can comfortably call baby Emily from hereon!

Retrospectively she did seem a little concerned about Emily’s brain – though I’m not sure if she was having trouble capturing good images of a specific anatomy or measurement, or whether I’m simply being a paranoid parent. We shall see at our obstetrician’s review in three weeks!


Better than…

April 4, 2015
Ivan and Aidan

We were having breakfast by ourselves this morning when Ivan was still lazing in bed. Breakfast consisted of simple nutella bread, mcvites digestive biscuits, paigen milk and coffee (for me).

Aidan: Mama, I love your cooking. It is better… better and good.
Mama: Aww, really? Better?? Better than what?
Aidan: [grins sheepishly] Better than… papa’s cooking!


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Playground conversations

November 11, 2013
Aidan 2.5

Yesterday afternoon we went to a baby boy’s first month celebration for a buddy of Hubs. Aidan was excited all week and super eager to visit baby Xander. When we got there, naturally there was a buffet spread, mothers talking about the trials and tribulations on being a new mom, and cooing over the newborn, and discussing how to wrangle spa treats out of our husbands.

Well, kids will be kids, and needless to say most of them ended up running around the playground next to the party area (how convenient for parents!) and that’s how Aidan got to meet a couple of new friends. We encouraged him to take the first step and do a self introduction:

Aidan: Hi Kor Kor (big brother), my name is Aidan Siow. What’s your name?
Boy: (hesitant)… Boss.
Aidan: ??? Bruce?
Boy: Boss.
Aidan: (glances at Mommy, then frowns back at boy) Brass?????
Boy: BOSS!
Aidan: Oooh, OK Boss.

Later that evening we had family come over for dinner and got to talking about our day. Aidan asked if we were talking about the baby shower and he then proudly proclaimed, “I met my Boss today!”

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Kids Halloween Costume DIY

October 29, 2013
Watermelon Costume

Aidan had a blast last week dressing up as a watermelon at his school’s Halloween party! He wanted to go as a rainbow, but it was just too tedious and material consuming – imagine sewing 7 colors of felt to each other by hand! I did promise Aidan that next year we will recycle the costume and he can go as a rainbow… but I’d better get myself a sewing machine by then.

Look at that adorable rainbow suit! I noticed that it’s mostly girls who are dressed up in cutesy stuff like rainbows and clouds – who says boys can’t pull it off? We will see how it turns out next Halloween…

Rainbow costume

Materials were purchased at Spotlight. I am secretly pleased that we kept costs under our $50 budget for this project! Plus, no measurements were taken throughout the crafting process. As usual, I just winged it 😉

Materials used:

  1. Wool felt sheets in red and green
  2. Satin cloth in black
  3. Polyester filling (for the seeds)
  4. Scissors
  5. Thread

They breed, you’ll bleed

September 17, 2013

I have been caught up in a whirlwind of unfortunate events the past couple of weeks hence the prolonged absence from writing. Hub’s dad was admitted to hospital last week, two days after returning from a vacation in Thailand. Initially he complained of a rather bad headache, which accelerated quickly and in less than a day  he started feeling quite ill and fatigued, sleeping all day without any appetite for food. Fever spiked at above 39 degree celsius, and his blood pressure rose well beyond normal limits. He was kind of incoherent at that point and we sent him to NUH immediately. Several blood tests and x-rays later, we learned that dad had contracted dengue fever. He may have caught it in Thailand, or when he returned to Singapore.

It has been a week since and dad is still hospitalized – dengue fever really puts up a tough battle with the human body. Listlessness and lethargy, persistent raised temperature, chills and terrible body aches, daily blood tests to monitor the platelets level which if taken a nosedive and may necessitate the need for a platelet transfusion. Platelets help in the coagulation of blood, so when levels are critically low, you are not allowed to brush your teeth and will be asked to rest completely in bed for fear of falling and getting hurt, causing any bleed-out. Good news is that dad’s platelets level albeit plunging consecutively for the first 5 days, is now creeping back up to healthier range. He could possibly be discharged in 1-2 days! Dad assures us that he will not miss the hospital food one bit. Haha.

I’m sure the NEA(National Environment Agency) will be knocking on our door very soon to check the premises for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes! :(

My son loves the advertisement by NEA that plays on television ever so frequent. Cue ominous music from telly and Aidan will shout, “Mama! Any mosqeetoes?! Later… suck blood!” He’s even formed a new way of saying goodnight to grandpa after his shower:

Aidan (dripping wet and wrapped in a towel): Ye Ye, any mosqeeto?
Gramps: No, no mosquitoes. All died.
Aidan: *beams* Ok, good! Goodnight Ye Ye!


Mosquitoes can spread several diseases, but dengue fever is most prevalent in Singapore and the NEA is trying to increase public awareness to prevent unknowingly breeding the suckers and to look out for signs of dengue. There are NO vaccines and NO drugs to prevent / treat dengue per se, so the only thing an infected patient can do is to ride it out until symptoms disappear. Fatigue generally last a few months even after recovering from the acute phase. Poor detection of dengue hemorrhagic fever can lead to fatality if the body goes into shock and organ failure.

It is very important that you do not unwittingly contribute to nesting mozzies! Click here for more information about how dengue can be transmitted and learn about the prevention of potential mozzie breeding grounds.

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Aidan’s first fishing trip

August 28, 2013
Aidan and Dad

It was a beautiful Sunday last weekend and we didn’t waste any time at home. Hubs dug out his old fishing rods (why does a man need two, I don’t know) and ushered us out of the house for an impromptu cycling/fishing trip at Jurong Lake.

Now if you read my last post about the new bicycle I acquired you will know that I am a rather poor cyclist, in geek terms – a noobie. I was inwardly panicking about cycling TO the lake from our house, which involves steering through bus-stops and narrow pedestrian path, a zebra crossing, and a 6 lane road with lots of traffic. To top it all off… my 2.5 year old son was hitching a ride on the rear, comfortably unawares that Mommy most likely will fall and give both of us bumps and bruises… which I DID! ****

Cycling and Fishing trip

I was going up a steep slope, and had to turn around a sharp bend when I couldn’t handle the sheer weight of my bicycle (~18kg with the rear child seat, AND Aidan at 14kg) and we – *gasp* –  toppled over. Maternal instincts kicked in and I tried to cushion the blow for Aidan and landed just below my knee and hit the curb end on. It didn’t even hurt on impact. I was SO WORRIED Aidan was going to get a concussion or bleed out massively or whatnot. Thankfully other than being scared out of his wits all he got was an ant sized scratch on his knee. Phew. I was so dazed and mad at myself I couldn’t bring myself to get on the bicycle again. At this point Hubs turned back to survey the damage and informed me that I was hurt. Then the OWWW set in. Haha. I decided to carry on cycling so that we could go fishing at the other end of the lake, and I gently asked Aidan if he is alright for Mommy to cycle us again. He shook his head and looked terrified. Poor kid.

We carried on anyways and even though we didn’t reel in any fish, the rest of the afternoon was splendid and relaxed. We watched Finding Nemo on iTunes recently and Dory’s “keep swimming, just keep swimming” song got stuck in my head so every time I was about to hit a difficult bend/slope/pedestrians I’ll obsessively chant, “keep peddling, just keep peddling!” 

Haha. Thanks Ellen DeGeneres!

Fishing and Cycling


My Papillionaire Named Summer

August 26, 2013

Sometime back I was fawning over Pashley bicycles… especially the bright red ones with a pretty bell and basket. Perfect for taking a morning ride through the market – I’d buy baguettes and croissants and wrapped ham and fresh strawberries and stop by the river to pick pebbles… A lady can fantasize, but reality is brutal because I live in urbanized Singapore, not some lovely countryside! I was soooo excited when I found a local dealer offering to import Pashley Britannia until I was quoted, wait for it… SGD$3,300! Oh shoot me now.

I’m not so adept at cycling, and have trouble with mountain bikes that require the cyclist to lean forward pretty much all the time because of my annoying carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s not so fun to be cycling and stopping every 10 minutes because you can’t feel your hands! To solve that problem, I recently acquired my very first bicycle – a Papillionaire Sommer! It allows me to sit fully upright which I totally adore, and best of all at SGD$900 it comes with a relatively affordable price tag. Thank you Bernard @ Jotter Book: Styles Bicycle Asia. Excellent customer service!


About Papillionaire Sommer
Traverse the city streets in style. Design that finds harmony of form and function, the Papillionaire Sommer is a smooth, easy-riding experience. With an upright sitting positioning and swooping step-through frame, the Sommer draws on both modern and classic design.

Frame: Powder coated chromoly (CRMO) steel
Frame size: Small – 43cm (16.9″), Regular – 48cm (18.9″)
Gears: Nexus Shimano internal hub in 3 or 8 speed. Single Speed also available.
Brakes: Tektro dual-pivot front and rear caliper brakes. Single speeds have rear coaster brakes.
Tyres: Kenda Kwest 700 x 35c (cream or gumwall)
Protectors: Mudguards & half chaincase
Finish: Crafted, durable leather saddles, grips & other accessories
Colours: Maya Blue, Boston Red, Black, Sea Green, Cream, Latte, Pink
Weight: 14kg

Where to Buy
JOTTER BOOK (Style Bicycles Asia)
5 Everton Park #01-22, Singapore 080005
Open from 10am – 6.30pm, appointments available
Look for Bernard @ 91117081

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At 2.5 year old

August 7, 2013

Aidan: Mama, look! *points out car window* Moon!
Me: Oh yeah, the moon is really bright tonight. What is the shape of the moon?
Aidan: It’s oval! Like egg.
Me: Hmm, the moon is not oval. It’s spherical.
Aidan: Round…like my POO POO!
Me: …